Saturday, December 12, 2009

Catching Mr. Ed

Ed Adams is currently dominating in Fleet 413…

Newport’s Fleet 413 started the frostbite season on November 1st with 28 boats on the line and since has averaged 30+ with one Sunday swelling to 50 starters!

The breeze has ranged from 3-8 knots on opening day to 12-22 knots on the most recent Sunday. So far there have been six Sundays sailed…Ed has won 5 of those Sundays and was RC on the day he didn’t sail.

When asked what contributed to his out of the box success on opening day, Ed replied, “Expecting to do poorly. After my dismal performance at the BBR, I would have been happy with any finish in the top 10. High expectations tend cloud your decisions and make it hard to sail conservatively.”

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Who will be the first to take down Mr. Ed …Dave Moffat has tied with him twice only to lose the tiebreaker …the next few Sundays should be interesting!

(Photo by PeterSeidenberg: PJ Schaffer catching up to Ed)