Friday, January 22, 2010

Matt Gowell of D7 takes 3rd place at the 2010 Cressy Trophy!

The Cressy Trophy is the high school national single-handed championship in which the best have had to qualify from the 7 high school districts across the US in order to meet up to compete in the Cressy.

After winning a super windy qualifier on Narragansett Bay, Matt Gowell of Rhode Island traveled to Corpus Christie, TX to compete for the Cressy Trophy in ultra light and shifty conditions. He's a tall kid but obviously talented in all conditions.  I am sure that Matt would have preferred windier conditions but he hammered it out to take home 3rd!

Not only is Matt a great sailor, he flew home from the Cressy to help his soccer team go on to win the RI Division ll State Championship. Matt's success on the soccer field earned him a spot on the "First Team All-Division"roster as well as a spot on the "All Tournament Team."

Also representing New England at the Cressy in the standard division:  Gabe Salk, James Barry, Christopher Aitken and in the radial division: Pearson Potts, Nick Johnstone, Oraine Longerstaey and Elizabeth Dubovik.

Past winners of The Cressy Trophy are Clay Johnson (2003), Andrew Campbell (2001, 2002)) Page Railey (2004, 2005) and Brad Funk (1997) just to name a few!

Scroll through the high school sailing archives and you will find many D7 names!

Photo credit: Tom Monkus