Thursday, February 11, 2010

65 competitors at the 2010 Masters Midwinters East!

65 Masters showed up at the 2010 Midwinters East!  Wow, now that's my kind of retirement community!

Peter Vessella (former D7 and fleet 413 sailor) takes the big win at the 2010 Masters Midwinters East. In 2nd place was John Bertrand by just a point and just behind him in 3rd was D7's Peter Shope.

Also from D7 in the top 10 were Peter Seidenberg (are you surprised?) in 5th and Mike Matan in 10th. Peter also took home 1st place GGM...again, no surprise!

Apparently, it was quite a battle between the top three and the 65 competitors got-it-all as far as sailing conditions!

Check out  John Bertrand's Blog for a great re-cap of the event.

See the scores and who was there at the event site:  US Sailing Center.