Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pete Milnes Regatta - April 25th!

The Pete Milnes Regatta is scheduled for April 25th, with the skippers' meeting at 11 a.m. and the first race at noon.

To encourage participation from outside the fleet, Fleet 413 of Newport, RI would like to offer a 50-percent discount for any out-of-fleet, out-of-state entries, $10 instead of $20 (you must meet BOTH to qualify, not be a regular fleet member for 2009-10, and live outside of Rhode Island.) Food, beer, and great racing. All for $10 (and gas money to get to Newport).

For directions to Sail Newport 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tuesday Night Laser Sailing in Bristol, RI

Do you have a Laser sitting around gathering dust? Do you put your Laser away after frostbiting all winter? Come join us for Tuesday night Laser sailing in Bristol, RI.

Racing begins on May 4th!

Click here for more information

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NOR is posted for the Wickford Regatta

Check out the Laser D7 website for upcoming regatta schedule, results and NOR. The page is a little boring and monotone but we will get around to changing that.

For now, get pumped up and signed up for the Wickford Regatta May 22-23!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Registration is now open for the 2010 Wickford Regatta! (May 22-23)

For those of you who were here last year, the process is almost the same except that you must use Pay Pal. After the success of last year's event, we will be having more classes and thus more boats this year. That is all good but it will put a strain on accommodations. We will do our best to find housing for everyone, but we might fall short, so don't delay! Get your registration in and contact our housing volunteer ASAP. You must register before housing will be arranged. For those who prefer hotels, this will be the URI graduation weekend, so book early!  

On the Alpha course I420 and C420's will share the area with the Lasers and Radials. We have further refined our race management protocols to insure that we will be able to keep the action moving so that everyone will get lots of racing with minimum down time.  

The Bravo course dance card will be pretty full this year. A-Cats, Foiling Moths, and Viper 640's will be joining the 505's and I-14s. The early rumour is that Bora Gulari, 2009 Moth World Champion, will be coming and attracting many more Moths to his bright light! They will be fun to watch. The Bristol A-Cat fleet will be there, too. The Vipers are a late addition, and are full of enthusiasm about joining the Bravo course action!

Bring it on!!!
Skip Whyte

Register here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Area A Eliminations (June 19-20)

Area A Elimination
US Singlehanded Men's and Women's Championship
June 19-20
New Bedford Community Boating Center - Saltmarsh Trophy

2010 US Singlehanded Men's and Women's Championship FINALS
Pensacola Yacht Club
July 29-August 1
Laser Men's division and Radial Women's division

Complete Championship details can be found at:

Any questions on the event:
Area A Committee Member:  John Bentley

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Final Report from the Asia Pacific Masters

Final  report from Peter Seidenberg:

The regatta is history now. We had one race, as per schedule, giving us 10 in total and two throw-outs. The wind was light, W 5-6. The left side paid due to teaser backings, especially on the second windward leg. I recognized that and played the left side, but not boldly enough and lost a promising second place half way up the second beat and finished the race in 7th pace. The young Thai who had been 2 points behind me in 5th place overall won the race and managed to trade places with me. My second GGM position was never in doubt, though. In the Standard fleet, Colin Dibb from Australia finished 4th in that race and retained his 5th place overall as top Master. 

Final Results

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Report #5 from the Asia Pacific Masters

 "Tafelmusik", Thai-style, at the banquet after the opening ceremony. 

Race day #4  report from Peter Seidenberg:

We had two races today in almost perfect conditions: NW 8-10 in the first race, and 12-15 in the second. The wind was very steady, with a moderate foul ebb current flowing. Both sides paid slightly at different times. My finishes were 9 and 5, and Wilkins' were 7 and 9. I picked up 2 points on him, but that still leaves a difference of 15 points, too much to make up in tomorrow's last race, especially against this 10-time Masters world champion. Colin Dibbs consolidated his lead in the Standard Masters fleet and is out of 4th place overall by only 2 points. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report #4 from the Asia Pacific Masters

Race day #3  report from Peter Seidenberg:

Well, the Thai fishermen were wrong after all - the beautiful southerly wind did come to an end last night. Today started out with a soft easterly which gave up the ghost shortly after the start of both fleets causing the race to be abandoned. It then came up again from the North, oscillating somewhat and slowly backing to the West where it arrived at the end of the day. The wind speed never exceeded 4 knots. It was a frustrating day for most, including me. The race committee was patient and ran two races in which the position of the windward mark was changed both times. I had a 23rd in the first race and a 10th in the second. Keith Wilkins, had a 24th and a 5th. He increased his lead over me from 7 points to 17. Any ideas of mine to win the GGM division have vanished, and I have now embarked on a 2nd-place preservation mode. The good news is that the other GGMs have fallen back further, and I have consolidated my 4th place overall. In the Standard fleet, Colin Dibb dropped to 5th place overall, but is still best Master. Unfortunately, the club is slow in posting the results on their website-click on the link below

Royal Varuna YC home

Report #3 from the Asia Pacific Masters

Race day #2  report from Peter Seidenberg:

We had pretty much the same conditions as yesterday: S 18-15, with ebb current against the wind. In view of the forecasted  weather change for the next two days, the race committee decided to run 3 races today, all on course #1. Thus, we have half of the intended 10 races in the bag, and with it, a throw-out. My finishes today were 4, 8, and 5. Unfortunately for me, Keith Wilkins continues to produce solid finishes of 3, 3, and 3. He is now 7 points ahead of me. I'm still in fourth place overall and second in the GGM division.

The 29-boat Standard fleet is, like the Radial fleet, dominated by young Thai and Malaysian sailors. Top Master is Colin Dibb from Australia in fourth place overall.

There are two other US sailors here: David Hillmyer in Standard and his girlfriend Donna Steele in Radial, both from Sarasota.

Tomorrow's forecast calls for light winds from the North which is reportedly disputed by the Thai fishermen on the RC boat who predict a continuation of the South wind for at least one more day. I hope they are right.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Report #2 from the Asia Pacific Masters

Race day #1  report from Peter Seidenberg:

We had two races today in S 20-15. There was a strong south ebb tide current flowing which caused a general recall in each of the two fleets and even a black flag start in the Radial fleet. The current, against the wind, created bigger waves than warranted for the wind speed we had. Course #1 was used in both races.

This regatta is not only the Asia Pacific Masters, but also the Asia Pacific Open Championship. There are some very good young sailors here from Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and other countries. The points for all age divisions are extracted from the overall positions without re-scoring. It is, therefore, important to place well in the overall fleet.

I had a sixth in the first race, and a fourth in the second, placing me in fourth overall. My main GGM competitor, Keith Wilkins from the UK, a multiple Masters world champion, had two thirds and is in third place overall. A young Thai sailor, with two seconds is in second place, and a young Malaysian sailor, with two firsts is in first place overall.

Tomorrow's wind is predicted to be pretty well a carbon copy of today's.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Report #1 from the Asia Pacific Masters

This comes to you from Thailand where Peter Seidenberg is competing in the Asia Pacific Masters at the Royal Varuna Y.C. in Pattaya, south of Bangkok.

From Peter: Well, it is happening now - the regatta is upon us. Today, Sunday, was the practice race in S 15. The 3 p.m. start was about half a mile from the beach. It couldn't be more convenient! This and the warm water and the waves is what I enjoyed so much here at the then Masters Worlds in 1984. My 26-year old dream to come back here has come true! 

The 59-boat Masters fleet is about equally divided into Standard and Radial. The Radial Great Grand Masters field the biggest fleet with 20 boats. The Standards are started ahead of the Radials by 5 minutes. There are two possible courses: triangle-windward-leeward, with finish on a reach to the committee boat; and triangle-windward-leeward-triangle, with finish on a reach to the committee boat. For today's practice race, course #1 was chosen. 

The race went well for me, with a first in the GGM division. I made my move on the second beat, sailing high and fast. Two races per day are planned over 5 days, with one discard after 4 races and two after 10.

Peter coming in from a successful practice day

Thursday, March 4, 2010

D7 and The America's Cup....

Celebrating the big win!  
(photo by Gilles Martin-Raget)

Congratulations to Scott Ferguson of D7 for his part in bringing home The America’s Cup!  For the last 2.5 years Scott has been busy managing the rig program for BMW Oracle Racing. The last 10 months leading up to event were especially demanding, as it was in that time that the rig program shifted into a full on wing program. During those 10 months, Scott was able to take a 10-day respite to compete in the Laser Master Worlds, which he won, before returning to San Diego to continue on with the BOR wing.  Not only was Scott one of the engineers behind the wing but he also sailed aboard the trimaran during the practice days helping the sailing team to understand and get comfortable with the monster wing. He will tell you that although this was probably the toughest project that he has ever worked on, it was also the coolest!

Yes, Scott admits that he has been envious of all his laser “masters” buddies at home competing in all the midwinter events and he has taken notice of the marked improvements of many, especially Peter Shope and John Bertrand! Needless to say, he’s totally ready to get back into his Laser and might show up at the Masters US Nationals in May. He also knows full well that he’ll probably get his butt kicked! 

Scott can be seen aft and center with the white hat and grey gear.
(photo by Gilles Martin-Raget)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photos of Fleet 413 by Onne Van der Wal

Earlier this year Onne Van der Wal came out and shot some photos of
the Laser fleet. Here's a link to the gallery!