Thursday, March 4, 2010

D7 and The America's Cup....

Celebrating the big win!  
(photo by Gilles Martin-Raget)

Congratulations to Scott Ferguson of D7 for his part in bringing home The America’s Cup!  For the last 2.5 years Scott has been busy managing the rig program for BMW Oracle Racing. The last 10 months leading up to event were especially demanding, as it was in that time that the rig program shifted into a full on wing program. During those 10 months, Scott was able to take a 10-day respite to compete in the Laser Master Worlds, which he won, before returning to San Diego to continue on with the BOR wing.  Not only was Scott one of the engineers behind the wing but he also sailed aboard the trimaran during the practice days helping the sailing team to understand and get comfortable with the monster wing. He will tell you that although this was probably the toughest project that he has ever worked on, it was also the coolest!

Yes, Scott admits that he has been envious of all his laser “masters” buddies at home competing in all the midwinter events and he has taken notice of the marked improvements of many, especially Peter Shope and John Bertrand! Needless to say, he’s totally ready to get back into his Laser and might show up at the Masters US Nationals in May. He also knows full well that he’ll probably get his butt kicked! 

Scott can be seen aft and center with the white hat and grey gear.
(photo by Gilles Martin-Raget)