Sunday, March 7, 2010

Report #1 from the Asia Pacific Masters

This comes to you from Thailand where Peter Seidenberg is competing in the Asia Pacific Masters at the Royal Varuna Y.C. in Pattaya, south of Bangkok.

From Peter: Well, it is happening now - the regatta is upon us. Today, Sunday, was the practice race in S 15. The 3 p.m. start was about half a mile from the beach. It couldn't be more convenient! This and the warm water and the waves is what I enjoyed so much here at the then Masters Worlds in 1984. My 26-year old dream to come back here has come true! 

The 59-boat Masters fleet is about equally divided into Standard and Radial. The Radial Great Grand Masters field the biggest fleet with 20 boats. The Standards are started ahead of the Radials by 5 minutes. There are two possible courses: triangle-windward-leeward, with finish on a reach to the committee boat; and triangle-windward-leeward-triangle, with finish on a reach to the committee boat. For today's practice race, course #1 was chosen. 

The race went well for me, with a first in the GGM division. I made my move on the second beat, sailing high and fast. Two races per day are planned over 5 days, with one discard after 4 races and two after 10.

Peter coming in from a successful practice day