Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report #4 from the Asia Pacific Masters

Race day #3  report from Peter Seidenberg:

Well, the Thai fishermen were wrong after all - the beautiful southerly wind did come to an end last night. Today started out with a soft easterly which gave up the ghost shortly after the start of both fleets causing the race to be abandoned. It then came up again from the North, oscillating somewhat and slowly backing to the West where it arrived at the end of the day. The wind speed never exceeded 4 knots. It was a frustrating day for most, including me. The race committee was patient and ran two races in which the position of the windward mark was changed both times. I had a 23rd in the first race and a 10th in the second. Keith Wilkins, had a 24th and a 5th. He increased his lead over me from 7 points to 17. Any ideas of mine to win the GGM division have vanished, and I have now embarked on a 2nd-place preservation mode. The good news is that the other GGMs have fallen back further, and I have consolidated my 4th place overall. In the Standard fleet, Colin Dibb dropped to 5th place overall, but is still best Master. Unfortunately, the club is slow in posting the results on their website-click on the link below

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