Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wingmen Win at the Wickford Regatta

Scott Ferguson (Laser) Andrew Gaynor (AClass Cat)

Scott Ferguson and Andrew Gaynor fresh off their win with BMW Oracle at the 33rd America's Cup put their calculators and pencils aside to hit the water and win their respective divisions in the 2010 Wickford Regatta.

The two-day regatta was reduced to a one-day regatta as the wind Gods took the day off on Sunday. Day one started as super light and tricky as there were a lot of holes over the long courses but by the afternoon a solid breeze of 10 knots filled in and everyone was hiking. The RC was able to complete 5 races in the Standard division and 4 races in the Radials, which allowed for one throw-out in each division. The courses were long and the beach venue perfect according to several of the sailors. A little more cooperation from the weather would have made it superb!

Amongst the various classes at the event were, 21 Standard Lasers and 6 Radials.

Top 10 in the Standard division: 
1. Scott Ferguson    (4 points)
2. Peter Follansbee  (15 points)
3. Peter Seidenberg (16 points)
4. Dan Nickerson    (16 points) under 18
5. David Finneran   (19 points) under 18
6. Peter Shope         (20 points)
7. Ted Green           (24 points)
8. David Frazier      (31 points)
9. Ian Ikedo             (31 points)
10. David Reed       (36 points)

Top 3 in the Radial division:
1. Matthew Mollerus (3 points) under 18
2. OJ O'Connell        (6 points) under 18
3. Ryan Schmitz       (8 points) under 18


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wickford Regatta this weekend!!!

Hey there Laser and Laser Radial sailors,

We're getting close to race day at Wickford Regatta 2010!  Entries have been streaming in in all classes over the last few days and we've got some real quality entries so far including Scott Ferguson, Andy Pimental, Peter Seidenberg, Ted Green, and Lucas Adams, and Matt Mollerus.  Whether you're hoping to challenge for the National Championships or just learning the ropes, this is a great chance to move your game forward and meet lots of cool sailors and cool boats.  Check out the Foiling Moths, A-Cats, 505s and Vipers.  Your eyes will be popping.  Meet Bora Gulari, the 2009 Foiling Moth World Champ.  It's all fun.

To make things easier for everyone we have extended early registration to the end of the day Thursday, May 20 and have also made it possible to register online and defer payment until check in on Saturday where you can pay by cash or check.   AND we have added a "cash back" provision if we get 20 or more combined Laser and Laser Radial entries.   We're at 20 now, so every Laser sailor will be getting $10 cash back, assuming everyone shows up.   The early registration entry fee is $70 for registrants over 18 and $50 for 18 and under.  Knock off another $10 with "cash back", and its a great deal.  We're having a great party on Saturday night in fine Wickford Regatta fashion.  So why wait, get your registration in and get someone else to register, too.

All we need is YOU to make this a fantastic event.

Thanks and see you on the 22nd.
Skip Whyte
Regatta Chairman

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laser Atlantic Coast Regatta is coming up-register now!

Registration for the 2010 Laser Atlantic Coast regatta (June 5th & 6th) is live online.

Sailors can use the online registration and mail in the Medical-Minor release as well as the Laser ACC release forms. Coaches are responsible for their own registration forms.

Register here

Membership to the Laser Class is mandatory. You can check your membership status here.


Monday, May 17, 2010

D7 Masters finish strong at the 2010 US Laser Masters Championships

The 2010 US Laser Masters Championship posted 61 Standard entries as well as 27 Radials. Both fleets managed to pull off 10 races in fairly windy conditions.

Congratulations to Peter Vessella (former D7 sailor from East Greenwich, RI now living and sailing in San Francisco) for winning the 2010 US Laser Masters Championship. Also, hats off to D7 sailors Mike Matan and Mark Bear - Mike Matan won the Masters division and finished 3rd overall with Mark Bear at his heels finishing 5 points behind in 4th overall. Peter Seidenberg once again dominated the Radial division.

Final results

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Hampshire Laser Racing - June 5th & 6th

Come and race June 5th on Lake Sunapee and/or June 6th on Lake Mascoma!

Racing is open to Laser Standard & Radial. If you sail one regatta $25.00 includes food, drinks and awards but if you decide to sail both days then register for both on Saturday, June 5th and pay only $40.00.

Housing arrangements can be made up to one week prior to the 5th - see NOR

Lake Sunapee NOR

Lake Mascoma NOR

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Maine Laser Championship-schedule announced!

The four venues for the 2010 Maine Laser Championship have been announced!

The winners of the ME Championship will surely be the most versatile of sailors as the racing will take place in a cove, on the ocean, on a lake, and on a river...winners will be based on the top finishers in a best 3 out of the 4 regattas.

Trophies for the overall Maine Championship will be given to the 1st place overall, 1st place youth (under 18) and 1st place woman.

Fee per regatta is $15.00 which includes lunch and water.

For more information click here

Frostbiting wraps up in Essex, CT

The frostbite season has officially wrapped up in Essex, Ct.

Congratulations to Bob Merrick, winner of the 2009 fall series and  to David Frazier, winner of the 2010 spring series.

The Essex frostbite season will begin again in October.
For more information click here

Please forward any local fleet news to  laserd7@gmail.com

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cedar Point Spring Regatta, May 15th

The NOR is posted for the 2010 Cedar Point Spring Regatta.

Entry fee is $30.00 with extra $5.00 for dinner. There will be prizes for top 3 (Radial and Standard) as well as 1st Apprentice, Master, Grandmaster and Great Grand Master.

Cedar Point has one of the largest and most competitive Laser fleets in D7 so come and sail with some of the best in D7!