Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wickford Regatta this weekend!!!

Hey there Laser and Laser Radial sailors,

We're getting close to race day at Wickford Regatta 2010!  Entries have been streaming in in all classes over the last few days and we've got some real quality entries so far including Scott Ferguson, Andy Pimental, Peter Seidenberg, Ted Green, and Lucas Adams, and Matt Mollerus.  Whether you're hoping to challenge for the National Championships or just learning the ropes, this is a great chance to move your game forward and meet lots of cool sailors and cool boats.  Check out the Foiling Moths, A-Cats, 505s and Vipers.  Your eyes will be popping.  Meet Bora Gulari, the 2009 Foiling Moth World Champ.  It's all fun.

To make things easier for everyone we have extended early registration to the end of the day Thursday, May 20 and have also made it possible to register online and defer payment until check in on Saturday where you can pay by cash or check.   AND we have added a "cash back" provision if we get 20 or more combined Laser and Laser Radial entries.   We're at 20 now, so every Laser sailor will be getting $10 cash back, assuming everyone shows up.   The early registration entry fee is $70 for registrants over 18 and $50 for 18 and under.  Knock off another $10 with "cash back", and its a great deal.  We're having a great party on Saturday night in fine Wickford Regatta fashion.  So why wait, get your registration in and get someone else to register, too.

All we need is YOU to make this a fantastic event.

Thanks and see you on the 22nd.
Skip Whyte
Regatta Chairman