Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brian Fisher and Eliza Richartz win at the Laser Performance World Open 2010

Laser Performance hosted the inaugural Laser Performance World Open at Sail Newport in RI. The event was great just lacking in show from the many local Laser sailors but that was their loss as it was a lot of fun with great racing, lots of food, beer and gorgeous trophies!

The two days provided varying conditions having anywhere from 5-15 knots with the full moon current as a constant factor. The RC ran a frostbite style regatta with 3-minute starts and short windward leeward courses.

Brian Fisher of Newport was the overall winner in the Standard fleet (12 boats). After finishing day one with 17 points and in 2nd place he came in on day two with a 4,1,1,1 finishing off the event with a total of 22 points to earn him the win. Eliza Richartz was clearly the dominant one in the Radial class (9 boats) with nine 1st place finishes!

As far as the "World" portion of the regatta, the UK trounced us in Laser turnout. The overall results will be posted shortly. Next year, lets put up the numbers and give the UK a competition!