Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laser Performance World Open Regatta & Nutmeg Masters

 LaserPerformance World Open Regatta (Sail Newport June 26-27)

This event is being run in conjunction with a similar event in Weymouth, England, and they've got some fancy math formula to determine an overall winner.

Here's the lowdown from LP's Josh Toso:

"There will be a racing circle consisting of Lasers, Radials and Sunfish.  We also have a mathematical matrix based on the size of your fleet and how you do in your fleet to determine a World Open Winner; so in essence, first place could be a Laser from the US, second could be a SB3 from UK and 3rd could be a Sunfish from the US, or something like that.

We are also going to be having a "Fun Circle" with Bugs and Picos for the young kids where people have the option of sailing just Saturday, just Sunday, or both.  The racing for the fun circle will not be the traditional round the buoys racing, but have more of a fun aspect to it where there will be 3 or 4 events per day that the little kids can get scored on.

We are planning a big dinner party at Sail Newport on the Saturday night of the regatta complete with DJ and dancing and a cookout for the Sunday Awards.  We are planning on this being a family style event along with great competitive racing for the Lasers and Sunfish.  There will be great racing on the water as well as off the water activities for family members in Historic Newport.

We are hoping for 30 Lasers at the event (possibly more if we get the word out enough) and hope that Fleet 413 will participate with good numbers.

Registration is up and running on the Sail Newport website, as well as a dedicated page on the LP website explaining the entire event"

Nutmeg Regatta at Cedar Point YC in Westport, CT. (June 26 and 27th)