Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NH Spring Seacoast Regatta Results (June 13th)

From Stephen Kosacz:
The racing was challenging with lots of wind shifts - I had a headache at the end because I was concentrating so hard to keep the boat in phase and try to keep a good position!!!

19 boats including such slouches as Seidenberg (1st), Shope (2nd) , Frasier (3rd) , Follansbee (4th), Sally Sharp.  I am thinking of changing my name to Peter...

YouTube Video

Final results:

1. Seidenberg, Peter
2. Shope, Peter
3. Frazier, David
4. Follansbee, Peter
5. Hufstader, Chris
6. Nickerson, Stu
7. Thornburn, Hank
8. Orkney, Gary
9. Kosacz, Stephen
10. Sharp, Sally
11. Zinn, Jack
12. Pastore, Chris
13. Cook, Nat
14. Williams, Matt
15. Howell, Roger
16. Pascheli, Bruno
17. Purington, Tim
18. Todd, Emmit
19. Bridge, Kelsey