Monday, August 9, 2010

12 Miles of downwind practice...

Leaving the breakwater at Pt. Judith

Last week on a beautiful day in RI with a smokey SW breeze cranking in, Scott Ferguson and Peter Shope decided to do a downwind practice session. The two met in Jamestown where they loaded up their boats and drove with Kim (Scott's tireless Sherpa) to a random beach in Pt. Judith. There they unloaded their boats and carried them one-by-one over some boulders in order to reach the beach where they would launch from. The beach goers were entertained for sure...

View from the seawall lined with curious fisherman
Three hours later... the two arrived with big smiles at a beach in Jamestown where their dollies and equipment were awaiting....thanks to Sherpa-Kim.

Sailing into Jamestown