Monday, September 27, 2010

Peter Shope dominates at the Seitech New England Master's Championship

Peter Shope with the NE Master's Trophy

Thirty-six Master's descended upon Third Beach in Middletown, RI for the 2010 Seitech New England Master's Championship.

Saturday brought SW 15-18 knots and Sunday, NE 12-15. Peter Shope just back from the UK where he competed in the Laser Master World's was in top shape and easily took the win with a 1,1,1,1,(5),1,1 for the New England Master's Trophy.

In the UK Peter was poised to finish in the top 10 going into the last race but pulled an OCS, which was his second OCS in the championship series and thus could not be used as a throw-out. Well, he played it right in this event and the result was perfect.

When asked to comment on the regatta this past weekend Peter said, 'One thing I really enjoy about Laser sailors is that despite the intense competitiveness and our own desires to win we still find time to cheer each other on. Case in point: I have to thank Lindsay Hewitt who before the regatta told me I could do it and between races reminded me not to push the start so much, e.g., the Worlds'

The RC was, as usual, top notch being run by 2008 Olympic PRO Charley Cook, the conditions were superb and the competitors enjoyed plenty of pizza along with some fun give-away prizes.

Final results 

Peter leading the fleet (Photo by Carson Turowski)