Sunday, February 20, 2011

Masters Midwinters East - Final day

Report from Peter Seidenberg:

There was no racing today. The warning gun for the first race of the day was supposed to be at 10:30, but the postponement flag went up instead at 9:30 with the announcement that there would be no race attempt after 12:30.

The bay looked glassy for most of the morning convincing the RC at around 12:00 that it would be useless to wait any longer, and so they pulled the plug and let us de-rig and pack up. The cook-out at 12:30 was followed by the price-giving at 1:00, and most sailors were on their way home or over to Clearwater Beach for the Open Midwinters East by 2:00 p.m. Some had even packed up and left earlier.

There were no complains, though. We had five fair and square races, including a throw-out, over 3 days in warm and sunny weather - and a lot of time to socialize with Masters sailors from all over the US, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Chile, and Dominican Republic.


Masters Midwinters East - Day 2

Day 2 report from Peter Seidenberg:

Today started out like yesterday: waiting for wind. The warning gun should have been at 10:30 today, but we had to wait on shore until 1:30 p.m. when a light WSW breeze had developed and covered the whole surface of the bay. The earlier start (over yesterday) allowed us to get 3 races in and, thus, get our throwout.

Race 1 started in WSW 4-5 kn and ended in NW 8-10. The "righty" came in just as the leaders rounded the second wwd mark for the final run to the finish which, of course, turned into a broad reach.

After resetting the course, race 2 was started in NW 8-10 and finished in NW 10-12.

Even though the sun was getting low, the RC decided to go for a third race, which was started, after a general recall, under a black flag. The NW 10-12 held up throughout the race. De-rigging was done, again, under a glorious sunset across the bay.

We have 5 races completed now, the minimum necessary for a throwout. Results can be found here

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Master Midwinters East - Day 1

Peter Seidenberg

Report from Peter Seidenberg:

There's a huge turnout: 70 boats. There was plenty of sunshine, but no wind most of the day. We waited on shore until 3 p.m. when a little NW breeze came up. It took another hour for the wind to stabilize to an unexpected NW 8-12 and a couple of general recalls for the first race to get underway. The course was wwd -lwd twice around, with a short reach from the lwd mark to the finish line off the bow of the committee boat. The wwd leg was 1 nm. The wind was very stable across the course.

The second race followed in short order in essentially the same conditions. It finished not much before a glorious sunset. Unfortunately, the results are not available at this point.

The weather forecast for today (and the next two weeks!) is much like what we had yesterday.

Results are in for Florida Laser Masters & Midweek Madness

The results have been posted for two of the three Florida Masters events. The final in this triple crown of Masters events will happen this weekend with 63 boats registered!

Click the links below for results as well as the Masters Midwinters East entry list.

Florida Masters results

Midweek Madness results

Laser Masters Midwinters East entry list

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Florida Laser Masters Week

We are still waiting on the results.... in the meantime, here is a video put together by Cal Landau to give you a taste for the exciting conditions!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best of Both Worlds sailing clinic (March 10th-13th)

The best of both worlds sailing clinic.

The most effective sailing clinics contain two key elements; excellent coaching and world class training partners. The Laser Training Center in Cabarete, can claim both March 10th to 13th 2011,  when internationally acclaimed head coach Rulo teams up with two-time Laser Masters World Champion Scott Ferguson for the: Best of Both Worlds clinic.

Rulo is probably one of the most sought after coaches today in the Laser and Opti class. His ability to help sailors make great speed and boat handling improvements in a short time is well known. The sailing and racing abilities of Scott Ferguson are almost legendary. Scott’s unflappable character and extraordinary skills have been amply demonstrated not only in his successes in the Laser class but also as a key team member of BMW Oracle in the Americas Cup.

There are still some spots available in this clinic.  Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity. This event of world class coach, with current world champion sailor is a real once in a life time experience.

Read a sample of the day in the life at the Laser Training center! Click here

For more information contact Ari Barshi
The Laser Training Center

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great article and video from Scuttlebutt...

Performing While Having to be Conservative by Craig Leweck

oh, and look at the photo of Paige that's hiking! Her tip toes are barely under the strap!

Page Railey

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NOR is posted for the Area A's

Sailing on The Gorge

The Area A's will be held again at the New Bedford Community Boating Center on June 25-26th. Let's see a bigger turnout this year from the ladies and the junior sailors. Last year only one female showed up and just a few under the age of 35.

The winners get to go on to compete at The Gorge!

Area A NOR

The Columbia Gorge Racing Association