Saturday, February 19, 2011

Master Midwinters East - Day 1

Peter Seidenberg

Report from Peter Seidenberg:

There's a huge turnout: 70 boats. There was plenty of sunshine, but no wind most of the day. We waited on shore until 3 p.m. when a little NW breeze came up. It took another hour for the wind to stabilize to an unexpected NW 8-12 and a couple of general recalls for the first race to get underway. The course was wwd -lwd twice around, with a short reach from the lwd mark to the finish line off the bow of the committee boat. The wwd leg was 1 nm. The wind was very stable across the course.

The second race followed in short order in essentially the same conditions. It finished not much before a glorious sunset. Unfortunately, the results are not available at this point.

The weather forecast for today (and the next two weeks!) is much like what we had yesterday.