Sunday, February 20, 2011

Masters Midwinters East - Day 2

Day 2 report from Peter Seidenberg:

Today started out like yesterday: waiting for wind. The warning gun should have been at 10:30 today, but we had to wait on shore until 1:30 p.m. when a light WSW breeze had developed and covered the whole surface of the bay. The earlier start (over yesterday) allowed us to get 3 races in and, thus, get our throwout.

Race 1 started in WSW 4-5 kn and ended in NW 8-10. The "righty" came in just as the leaders rounded the second wwd mark for the final run to the finish which, of course, turned into a broad reach.

After resetting the course, race 2 was started in NW 8-10 and finished in NW 10-12.

Even though the sun was getting low, the RC decided to go for a third race, which was started, after a general recall, under a black flag. The NW 10-12 held up throughout the race. De-rigging was done, again, under a glorious sunset across the bay.

We have 5 races completed now, the minimum necessary for a throwout. Results can be found here