Monday, March 21, 2011

Frostbiting is back in Marblehead...

From Tom Dailey:

Dear Fellow Yachtsman,
Last Fall we were solidly in double-digit boats on the line, with 14 qualifiers.

The more, the merrier.

16 April is the first day of the spring season – it continues for a total of just six Saturdays, so don't miss it.
Team1 has good deals on dry suits, etc.

Hope to see you out there, and/or back ashore for beer and pretzels and stories,

·     Daily first
·     Corinthian Daily first: low-point score among those who’ve not previously won the day
·     Season top 5, top Junior, Ironman: starting 100% of races in the season

·     Hot showers, cold beer

·     6 Saturdays 16 April through 21 May 
·     People who make the first start arrive: 1145 
·     Skippers Meeting: 1215 
·     Harbor Start: 1230First Signal: 1300Last Signal: 1500 
·     Presentation of Prizes: 1600 
·     Other details: just show up 
·     Eastern Yacht Club  47 Foster Street  Marblehead, MA

For more information email Tom Dailey at:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Enter to win Laser #200000 - Renew your Laser Class Membership before April 1st!!!

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Newport Fleet 413 Laser racing & BBQ this Sunday...

Fleet 413ers,

Spring is right around the corner. You know, those warm mornings full of promise and warm sunshine that are always followed around 1 p.m. by a bone-chilling sea breeze and fog and or marine-layer clouds. All the while Providence and Boston bask in the 70s and the evening weathermen tell us how great the day was. Good thing you've all been out frostbiting this winter and toughening up. 50 degrees with a misty fog will seem like bikini weather (if, of course, that's your beach outfit of choice).

Sunday is, however, looking pretty sweet, mid 40s and a moderate northerly breeze. Tim Pitts and Kay VanValkenburgh will be running races for us. We had close to 30 boats last week. Let's get over the hump this week!

In honor of the longer days and better weather, we figured we'd take a break from the bar and the Fleet would sponsor a Fleet 413 BBQ on the sail shed patio after racing. We'll bring burgers, dogs, chicken, and a few other munchies, you bring yourself and whatever else you like to enjoy with your burgers, dogs, chicken, etc. Invite your family and friends, too, if you like. Everyone is welcome. Let's celebrate better weather and of course the camaraderie of suffering together each Sunday all winter. It'll be sort of like if the characters from "The Breakfast Club" gathered for a reunion once a year. It's not that they like each other, they're just bound by a common painful experience.

See you on Sunday!

-Stu & Dave