Friday, September 2, 2011

From Fleet 413: Ted Green update

Ted Green sailing for SUNY Maritime

During the weekend, we hope you can each spare a thought, prayer, and/or some positive energy for fellow Fleet 413er Ted Green Jr. who has been a big part of the fleet's youth movement over the past few years, regularly coming back to show the old guys how it's done.

If you haven't heard, on Aug. 24, Ted was involved in a horrific accident and very nearly died. Here's an excerpt from an email we received a few days ago:

"What I understand is that he was taking down a tree and went to move his safety lines down and when he raised his arm over his head it was 3 feet from a 7000 watt line which arced and zapped him.  Who knew that electricity in covered lines can still shock you 3- 5 feet away without touching them!!!  Big lesson learned. Everyone has been filling in the blanks for him as to what happened but what he does know is that he had his last rites read to him 2 x at two different hospitals - He said if it was not for the speedy response of the Largess crew to get help Ted would not be here with us today. School is on hold - recovery will be well over a year.  He is hoping to have movement in his hand and fingers and arm but it is all up in the air.
He welcomes all calls and visits.  Ted Sr was there and his family is hanging in there. Reports on his facebook page are encouraging. But it will still be a long road to recovery."

If you feel comfortable calling Ted, don't hesitate. He has his cell phone and we're sure he would love to hear some words of encouragement. You can also leave him a note on his facebook page.

As we hear more about his progress and what we, as a fleet or as individuals, can do to help, we will pass that along. In the meantime, keep him in your thoughts.

Best Regards,
-Stu & Dave