Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marblehead Frostbiting - tomorrow could be best day of the season!

From Tom Dailey:

Tomorrow: Best day of the year: SW 10-12k with 65 f
And when we get in, a BBQ in the sun.

Last week: Stein Skaane was third, Wayne Colahan second, and JB won in beautiful conditions. After 8 racing days, no skipper has won two days in a row….only Sam Altreuder has managed to win twice, but not consecutively. Wayne has strung together lots of 2nd places, and a good number of us have regularly partied together in the back of the bus. But consistency at the top is not known in this fleet.

As the sun rises tomorrow, the challenge will fall to JB… first to arise and then to rise to the occasion. And behind that sunny smile will lurk the knowledge that with 10k of wind forecast, winning this day will require one to lean out over the side of the boat a bit. Our man doesn’t like this part of the game, and for all of us who seek to preserve the competitive balance, now you know how to beat him – and his new sail.

First race: 1230
Fee: $10 for those who have it
Prizes: Daily first, top junior, top Corinthian, top Gypsy
BBQ: burgers, dogs, and drinks after sailing