Monday, December 13, 2010

Register now for the Masters MidWinters East

Registration has opened for the Masters Midwinters East, to be held at sunny, warm, Davis Island Yacht Club in Tampa, FL February 18-20 (only 10 weeks from now!)

The regatta, hoping for 100 competitors, will feature a top regional Race Committee, awesome breakfast buffets all three days, a gala regatta dinner, and a Sunday cookout. Not to mention, reasonable "Masters" starting times, a camping-friendly Club, and a race area viewable from the Club porch.

Click on the link below for the Notice of Race and Entry Form. 
Online entry with payment by credit card through Paypal is also available at:

Pre-registration closes on February 8th, 2011.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Laser's 'iron man' keeps winning...

Peter Seidenberg sailing with Fleet 413

At the age of 73, Peter Seidenberg is still at the top of his game. Read about the making of a champion, his dramatic midnight escape at age of the 26 from East Germany and how he got started sailing the Laser

Read here

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wanna get away? Florida is calling you...

(Photo: Rob Jones / SmugMug)

From District 13:

How much time do you want to spend sailing your Laser and basking in the Florida sun this winter?  You can come down in December and stay into February while you enjoy several different regattas at various venues.  Here's the list:

Dec. 11-12 D13 Championships, Lake Eustis, FL

Dec. 26-30 Open Orange Bowl, Miami, FL   

Jan. 22-23 Boomerang Regatta, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jan.  23-27 Miami OCR, Miami, FL

Feb. 5-6 Charlotte Harbor Regatta, Port Charlotte, FL

Feb. 12-13 Florida Masters PBSC, Palm Beach, FL

Feb. 15-16 Masters midweek Madness PBSC, Palm Beach, FL

Feb. 18-20 Masters Midwinters DIYC, Davis Island, FL

Feb. 24-27 Laser Midwinters East  

And if that's not enough for you, you can always find a place to sail on any unscheduled weekend.  LYC, USSC's(Miami & Jensen Beach), Melbourne YC, Sarasota Sailing Squadron, and DIYC all have short course racing or practice sessions most weekends.

As many of you know, we consult the Farmer's Almanac and only pick dates when the sun will be shining, wind will be blowing, and temperature will be "fine".  In other words - perfect Laser sailing conditions.  So take your leave of absence, quit your job, kiss your loved one(s) goodbye (or bring'm with), pack up the boat and lots of sunscreen and come on down!
Life is Short --  Sail Fast!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

John Moulthrope wins a tough Sunday in Fleet 413

John Moulthrope

On November 21st, 34 Lasers came out to race in a light and shifty Easterly. Scott & Kim Ferguson along with Carson Turowski & Mark Kroening had a bit of a time setting the race course with the shifting breeze but were eventually able to get off 5 races.  

Due to the short work week, Fleet 413 has not yet been able to get the Words of Wisdom from the winner John Moulthrope but...'the way he has sailed in the last few weeks, I'm sure there will be other opportunities down the line.'

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Helpful Laser tips from Jon Emmett (GBR)

Just posted on Facebook by Laser Performance:

Simple but a good refresher for some...also, for those who might not know, the vang is often referred to as "the kicker"outside of the US.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marblehead Laser frostbite: VanValkenburgh wins race with slack vang, takes first ever Corinthian Daily First

The s-e grin I can take, but winning with that slack vang puts us all to shame...

From the Marblehead Frostbite Fleet:

Thanks to Susie and Jim for 8 tight races and the pics!

All 14 boats completed all eight races in our deepest turnout yet. The top 5 boats finished the day within 5 points of each other – and four of those positions changed hands in the final race, as Bill Graves and Chris Hofstadter slipped by Sam Altreuter, and Kay VanValkenburgh's, bullet in that final race sealed his claim on the first-ever Corinthian Daily First.

On a brighter note, three junior sailors also sailed within 5 points of each other before Thornton Uhl bested… 811 (sorry, didn’t get your name….please come back next week, you owe us $1 registration). Just think, in thirty or forty years those juniors will look like us, and may learn to appreciate that old frostbite maxim – ‘what happens out there, stays out there’…. It came in handy at the weather mark in race 4 as a gaggle of starboard tackers, hanging by their fingernails in a late header, confronted an opposing gaggle from the left, who suddenly thought they could ‘make it’, but didn’t. 36 car pileup. Then the main event: the ‘there but for the grace of God go I’ this can’t be happening arse-over-elbows light-air flip: once while tacking, and then again downwind while doing something other than concentrating – both in the front group and both moves by the same guy… Finally, all that was topped by the joyless beer cooler, visible but locked in the pool room because somebody forgot the keys… we can laugh now thanks to fast-thinking and generous Jim and Gaele who scrounged alternate beer, wine, cookies and cokes for the post-race party. Running the races was nice, but salvaging the party was really sweet.

Just two more weeks – join us!
Daily first
·         Corinthian Daily first: low-point score among those who’ve not previously won the day
·         Season top 5, top Junior, Ironman: starting 100% of races in the season

·         Hot showers, cold beer

·            6 Saturdays - thru 20 November
·            People who make the first start arrive: 1200
·            Skippers Meeting: 1215
·            Harbor Start: 1230
·            First Signal: 1300
·            Last Signal: 1500
·            Presentation of Prizes: 1600
·            Spring: 6 Saturdays to weekend before Memorial Day
·            Other details: just show up
·            Eastern Yacht Club  47 Foster Street  Marblehead

Monday, November 8, 2010


FAST sailors from D7
From FAST sailing:

FAST BOYS were FAST when they competed in the NESSA Singlehanded Championship (Healy Trophy) @ Duxbury Bay Maritime School on Sunday, September 26, 2010. The sailors all experienced 10-20 knot wind conditions for the 11 races sailed in Radial and 12 in the Full Rig. The winners all went on to compete for the Cressy for the National High School Singlehanded Championship.

Pictured from left to right are :
Radial - 2nd place - OJ O'Connell, 3rd place - Pearson Potts
Full Rig: 2nd place - Dan Nickerson and in 1st place - Luke Adams.

Since 1990, the Cressy has been recognized by the Interscholastic Yacht Racing Association, now the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA), as the ISSA National Singlehanded Championship. The Cressy competition rotates annually among the several ISSA districts, in the Fall of the preceding calendar year. This year the Cressy was held at St. Petersburg Yacht Club, St. Petersburg, FL on October 30-31, 2010.

Healy Results 
Cressy Results

More about FAST click here

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nick Thompson in Cabarete January 2011

Nick Thompson (photo credit: onEdition)

From the Training Center in Cabarete:

Want to compare your boat speed with one of the fastest sailors in the world? Nick Thompson (GBR) is our guest expert at the pre race clinic January 9th-12th, and will try to regain his title in the 9th Caribbean Laser Midwinter Regatta January 14th-16th, 2011.

Cabarete is a great place to bring the family...everyone can have fun while you sail!

For more information contact:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cedar Point Week 4: Want stronger winds? Buy a greener car.

Although Week 4 was blown out and no racing was held....below are some thoughts from Andrew Scrivan

Want stronger winds? Buy a greener car...
I dug through some of the articles I have saved and found an interesting one that speaks to why we may possibly be sailing in TYPICALLY light wind on Long Island Sound. We all know the theory of how Long Island blocks the potential for a strong CT shore thermal due to all the pavement and buildup on the island, but here is a very different take on the same subject that may apply. - Scrivan

By Maria Jose Vinas

The winds that blow near the surface of the Earth have two beneficial effects: They provide a renewable source of clean energy and they evaporate water, helping rain clouds to build up. But aerosolized particles created from vehicle exhaust and other contaminants can accumulate in the atmosphere and reduce the speed of winds closer to the Earth's surface, which results in less wind power available for wind-turbine electricity and also in reduced precipitation, according to a study by Stanford and NASA researchers.

"These aerosol particles are having an effect worldwide on the wind speeds over land; there's a slowing down of the wind, feeding back to the rainfall too," says civil and environmental engineering Associate Professor Mark Z. Jacobson, co-author of the study with the late Yoram J. Kaufman from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, who died in May 2006. "We're finding a reduction of rain, and that can lead to droughts and reduction of water supply."

Jacobson and Kaufman's study, based on NASA satellite data of aerosol accumulation, measurements of wind speeds over the South Coast Basin in California and in China, and computer model simulations over California as a whole and the South Coast Basin, was published online Dec. 27 in Geophysical Research Letters. The researchers used both the model and data to study the effects of aerosol particles on wind speed and rainfall.

Slower winds, less rain Aerosol particles floating in the atmosphere absorb or scatter solar radiation, and prevent it from getting to the ground. This cools the Earth's surface and reduces daytime vertical convection that mixes the slower winds found near the ground with the faster winds at higher altitudes. The overall effect is a reduction in the speed of near-surface winds, which Jacobson has calculated to be up to 8 percent slower in California.

"The more pollution, the greater the reduction of wind speed," Jacobson says. Aerosol particles may be responsible for the slowing down of winds worldwide. Wind supplies about 1 percent of global electric power, according to Jacobson. Slow winds may hinder development of wind power in China, where it's a needed alternative to dirty coal-fired plants. Aerosols' reduction of the wind also may explain the reduction in the Asian seasonal monsoon and "disappearing winds" in China, observations found in other studies. Moreover, slack air currents may hurt energy efficiency in Europe, where countries like Denmark and Germany have made major wind-power investments.

Slower winds evaporate less water from oceans, rivers and lakes. Furthermore, the cooling of the ground provoked by the aerosol particles reduces the evaporation of soil water. What's more, the accumulation of aerosol particles in the atmosphere makes clouds last longer without releasing rain. Here's why: Atmospheric water forms deposits on naturally occurring particles,like dust, to form clouds. But if there is pollution in the atmosphere, the water has to deposit on more particles. Spread thin, the water forms smaller droplets. Smaller droplets in turn take longer to coalesce and form raindrops. In fact, rain may not ever happen, because if the clouds last longer they can end up moving to drier air zones and evaporating.

CPYC Frostbiting Week #5 this Sunday

Cedar Point Laser Racing

Another good looking weather forecast for Sunday......
Winds: NW 12-15
Temps: low 50's
High Tide 11:30 am
Remember to turn your clocks back one hour....


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winthrop Frostbite Opening Day is Sunday, November 7th

Join the Winthrop Frostbite Sailing Club on opening day, November 7th for the Pre-Freeze Regatta, short course racing followed by a warm reception with tasty pub fare and drink at the Cottage Park Yacht Club.

Register on-line


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marblehead Laser Frostbite: Peter Follansbee tops the day

From Tom Dailey

Top Laser sailor Peter Follansbee traveled down from NH to join us for the day and made it worth the trip. But for his crash/burn in race 2, he made few errors and in fact rarely seemed to even tack or jybe. In at least four of the nine races he one-tacked the beat while the rest of us were busy outsmarting ourselves in the velocity shifts. Oh well. Also, our quick-scores at the post-race brief got it wrong: after Sam Altreuter with 22 points, it was Stein Skaane (32 points) nipping Steve Uhl (34), not the other way round.

In addition to daily First Place, the fleet now will also award a daily Corinthian First Place cup: low-point score among those who have not previously won the day and also a first place cup for first-time race winners. Come on out an join us for some fun and a beer, or at least a warm shower and a beer...and maybe a cup.

Check out the photos on Facebook

EYC Frostbite Schedule
People who make the first start arrive: 1145
Skippers Meeting: 1200
Harbor Start: 1230
First Signal: 1300
Last Signal: 1500
Presentation of Daily First: 1600
Spring: 6 Saturdays to Memorial Day
Other details: just show up

Eastern Yacht Club
47 Foster Street
Marblehead, Ma

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A windy day one for Fleet 413!

Wind report from Rose Island on October 31st
Report from Stu & Dave:

Fleet 413ers,

One day in the books and many more to go. Sunday started out fairly innocently, a clearing sky, and moderate westerly. But after two races, Mother Nature dropped the hammer and all I could hear was the dollar bills fluttering off the leech of my (formerly) brand new sail. The breeze picked up to 20 to 30 knots with some steep, unforgiving chop. It might've been a trick. It was no treat. Turnout was light for Day 1, but hopefully we'll have a few more people this coming Sunday (and a little bit less wind). Ferg won the day, with the usual cast of characters in his wake. Results can be found here.

-Stu & Dave

Words of Wisdom, from 2010 Laser Masters World Champ Scott Ferguson

1. The first couple races were puffy and shifty. What is your gear changing progression in the Laser in those conditions?

Everything was happening too quickly to change too much .... so I try to get a good medium setting on everything and keep my head out of the boat and hike hard. With that said in the lighter portion of the day I reach for the outhaul first. In the really windy stuff it is key that vang on right after the start.

2. In one of your interviews at the Laser Masters Worlds you talked about how you'd train by sailing downwind from Point Judith to Newport. It was choppy yesterday, especially for Fleet 413. What, if anything, can you apply from your big-course downwind technique to the short, choppy waves we saw yesterday?

It has taken quite some time for me to become reasonably fast downwind, and it is still a work in progress ..... one big hurtle for me was to become more 'comfortable' especially in the big conditions. The more comfortable you are the more you can focus on the subtleties. So a few key things I try to focus on is 'letting the boat go' by this I mean never fighting the rudder while at the same time finding a good path to catch or sail around waves. One other note here is the mainsheet/boom position really effects the helm balance.

3. How do you sail the boat upwind once the breeze gets over 20, as it did for the second half of racing on Sunday? How do you set your sail up? How do you sail the boat? How do you prevent waves from washing over the bow and into the cockpit?

Very tight cunningham and just leave it. Outhaul about 5 inches off the boom. Vang very hard (like 15 inches of tail pulled after 2 blocked) this allows you to sheet out in the puffs (sometimes I sheet out 1-2 feet but the vang must be very tight to do this), move back to the middle of the cockpit to help with the waves.

4. What are the keys to avoiding the death roll in those conditions?

Leave the board down all the way the whole time and don't let the boom past 90deg the more you overtrim the more stable you are, but the slower you go. I was over trimmed a number of times yesterday just to survive the big puffs

5. Any other lessons from your summer of Laser sailing that you'd care to share with the fleet?

Stay away from the crowds on the start line ... usually means the middle of the line for me, sail your own race.

Friday, October 29, 2010

2010 Fat Boys regatta report & results

Report from PJ Schaffer, Bristol YC

The 2010 Fat Boys of Bristol County Laser regatta was held on Saturday, October 23 at the Bristol Yacht Club. Nine races were expertly completed in a no throw out format rewarding consistent racing. Bristol Harbor displayed it's autumn gusto yet again as the fleet of 29 were tested by a shifty WNW 5-18k breeze. RC Lars Guck & Chad Atkins tested the group with a multitude of courses while Peter Shope, Steve Kirkpatrick, and Andy Pimental battled to the top of the deep fleet. Peter Shope completed the "RI Triple crown" winning the Pete Milnes, Master's NE, and Fat Boys in 2010. He was pushed hard by Steve & Andy, surely an indicator of the upcoming frostbite season. Top Female was Lynn Shore and top radial was Steven Jones. The fleet and RC enjoyed the confines of the BYC Bar for post race snacks & libations while the awards were distributed. Many thanks to the Bristol YC staff, especially Chris & Natalie, for the help during the regatta.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Newport Fleet 413 Frostbite Series begins Sunday October 31st!

From Stu & Dave

Fleet 413ers,

Day 1 of the season is right around the corner. Hopefully everyone is getting psyched to sail. A number of you did the Fat Boys. Unfortunately I wasn't one of them. In case you didn't hear Peter Shope won, followed closely by Steve Kirkpatrick and Andy Pimental. The good news for week 1 is Peter will be doing race committee. Some quick reminders:

1. Sign up: To help us with scoring and fleet organization, we're asking everyone who thinks they MIGHT SAIL this year to fill out the registration form now. It can be found here, along with the PayPal links for online payment. This will help give us a master list of names and sail numbers. You can wait to pay until you start sailing (thought the $5 discount will disappear come Monday).

2. Race committee: We have Peter Shope and Brian Fisher doing RC on Sunday. We'd like to add two more less-experienced people to the crew as we'll have two power boats. If you'd like to sign up, let me know. We also need four RC volunteers for each day in November. For December through March we'll only use three unless everything fills up. Sign up now!

3. Parking: It can be busy at Sail Newport in the fall, so please park courteously. No parking in the old fenced in area in Oct and Nov. And no parking along the road or on the grass. Once the spaces to the south of the fence are filled up, use the spots by the Mule Barn or the overflow lot to the SW of the Sail Newport offices.

4. Arrive early on Sunday. Registration can take some time. And the fleet captains would like to get some pre-race practice in as well. If you registered online (THANK YOU!), please remember your signed waiver.

5. The Cedar Point fleet has their fall regatta scheduled for Sat. Nov. 13, just in case one day of Laser sailing per weekend isn't enough for you. The NOR is attached.

6. Classifieds:
•  Phil Garland has a boat for sale: Laser #187966  2007 Grey with red stripe.  Race rigged with carbon tiller, new vang, blades with bag, top, bottom and spar covers, dolly, race sail and Intensity sail.  All in great condition; lightly used boat.  $4700.00,

LaserPerformance Sail + Sport RI formerly known as VSCRI has three event boats left (as of last week). Price is $5,300.00 and comes with a dolly. The boats also qualify for $300.00 in “LP Bucks” (kind of like a rebate). The store’s number is (401) 683-0400.

That's all for now. Fat Boys results and report to follow later this week.
Fleet 413 NOR
Cedar Point Fall Regatta NOR

Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 Fat Boys - Peter Shope is #1 Fat Boy!

Scores and full report coming tomorrow morning but here is a quick update:

2010 Fat Boys of Bristol County
Bristol Yacht Club
October 23, 2010

Wind: WNW 5-18K
Races: 9
Competitors: 29
RC: Lars Guck & Chad Atkins

1st - Peter Shope  30pts
2nd - Steve Kirkpatrick  31 pts
3rd - Andy Pimental  32 pts

Marblehead Laser Frostbite Fall Season is on!

From EYC Frostbite group:

We set attendance records the last two seasons and hope to do it again… look for 10+ boats on the line each Saturday – more if it’s windy, and even more if it’s warm & windy.

For those curious about amenities, we can offer a major facilities upgrade this year, and we even have a barbecue planned. All are welcome on shore, on board, or on one of two support boats. Come for sailing, chatting, or just beering.

- Indoor, mildly heated changing area
- Flush, indoor toilets
- Showers
- Nearby launch area
- Fabulous in-harbor friendly, fun sailing area

1200 skippers meeting, 1230 harbor start, 1300 first signal
Saturday 16 OCT
Saturday 23 OCT
Saturday 30 OCT
Saturday 6 NOV
Saturday 13 NOV

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters Championship

David Frazier, Peter Seidenberg & Gary Orkney
David Frazier, Peter Seidenberg and Gary Orkney traveled south last week to sail in the Chesapeake Bay Laser Masters and all three came home with a trophy!

For results and full story click here

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hank Thornburn is the 2010 Maine Laser Champion!

From Tom Jamieson:

On Sunday 10/10/10 the final regatta of the Maine Laser Championship was held with the overall championship going to Hank Thornburn or Harpswell, ME.  Mike Gaffney of Georgetown, ME. finished in second and Syd Sewall of Hallowell in third. The championship was the best three out of four regattas below. Thirty four different sailors competed in the series including out of state guests Gary Orkney of Stonington, CT and Sally Sharp of Dartmouth, NH. 

The first regatta held was the "Striper Cup" on scenic Robinhood Cove in Georgetown, ME on July 31st.  Twelve boats participated with Hank Thornburn coming in first, Gary Orkney in second and Syd Sewall in Third. Seven races were held in light winds but the scenery (w. sturgeon jumping) and hospitality of the Gaffney family made for a wonderful day. 

The second event was the "Hussey Sound Regatta" held at Sailmaine in Portland, ME on August 29th.  This was the best attended event with seventeen sailors including three youths. Ed Rowe, Tim Tolford and Finn Hadlock of the Portland Laser Fleet took first, second and third respectively. Five races were held in Portland Harbor with winds ranging from 8 to 22 mph.   The reach back to the dock was lots of fun.

The third event on September 11th, was the annual "Loon Cup" on Lake Cobbosseecontee, near Augusta, ME. The event drew 16 sailors with one youth and three women competing. Hank Thornburn dominated again with Mike Gaffney in second and Tom Jamieson of Belfast, ME. in third.  After the race we gorged ourselves with the hospitality of the Cobbossee Sailing Fleet. The lake winds were shifty and went between 8-18 mph which made for some interesting racing. 

The Final event of the series was the annual "Hippo Cup" sailed in Thomaston, ME and hosted by the Thomaston frostbite fleet.   Only eight sailors turned out for what was a great day of sailing. Mike Gaffney won the event with Hank Thornburn in second and Syd Sewall in third. Seven races were sailed in winds of 6-20 mph with two races featuring downwind starts (which made for a very exciting first leward mark).   

We invite you all to next years series which will feature a new venue and some spring racing. For more information contact: Tom Jamieson 207 338-3288 or

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A very WINDY Last Blast Regatta!

Last Saturday the Quannapowitt Yacht Club in Wakefield, MA.  welcomed 22 sailors to a very windy Last Blast Regatta. Congratulations again to Peter Follansbee for another big win!

Nine races were run on the lake and anyone who has sailed on a lake in big breeze knows that the shifts can be big and sudden....the photos tell it all... thank you to Laser sailor and photographer David Ryan.

Final results coming soon but here are the top 10 (22 entered)

(1) Peter Folansbee (297) – (19 pts)
(2) Erik McCaffrey (181092) – (23 pts) and 1st U-18
(3) Phil King (187436) –  (31 pts)
(4) David Frasier (161100) –  (32 pts)
(5) Peter Seidenberg (189811) – (34 pts) and 1st in Masters & Radial
(6) Gary Orkney ( 170776) – (46 pts)
(7) Robert Cutting (162393) – (51 pts)
(8) Eric Aker (133827) – (66 pts)
(9) Sarah Helbling (196279) – (66 pts) and 1st Woman
(10) Stephen Jones (195450) – (86 pts)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Follansbee wins NH Seacoast Regatta

From Stephen Kosacz (NH Seacoast Laser Fleet Captain)

15 Sailors were treated to a perfect Fall day complete with beautiful foliage, gradual warming temperatures, and increasing westerly breeze for challenging sailing on Great Bay at the confluence of the Piscataqua, Salmon Falls, and Squamscott Rivers in Dover Point NH hosted by the ever gracious folks from the Great Bay Yacht Club whose performance as Race Committee and "top chefs" made for a great event with sailors from as far away as Connecticut and Rhode Island enjoying a fun filled Labor Day weekend of Laser sailing.

For the 9 sailors who sailed the previous day the Lake Quinapowitt's Last Blast regatta, Sunday's moderating breeze was a welcomed relief but the the windward mark shifts were nearly as challenging.

The top finishers mirrored the previous day's results proving that Peter Follansbee sails well in Saturday's 20-25 knot shifts in Wakefield MA as well as Sunday's 10-15 breezes in his own backyard by edging out Ipswich's Phil King, Connecticut's Dave Frazier (3rd), and Newport's Peter Seidenberg taking the 5th spot.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lasers for sale!

Check out the District 7 classified section as there are 5 used Lasers for sale! Perfect for the upcoming frostbite season!

D7 Lasers for sale

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cabarete or Bust!!! You have until midnight tonight....

News from Cabarete:

JetBlue is offering a one day sale that ends tonight at midnight. You must travel between October 12 – December 15, but the deals are spectacular. $79.00 to Cabarete, airport code (POP).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

District 7 October Regattas

District 7 is wrapping up the 2010 regatta schedule with the following October regattas:

October 9th   - Last Blast Laser Regatta
(Wakefield, MA) Registration / NOR

October 10th - NH Seacoast Fall Regatta
(Hilton State Park, Dover Point, NH) NOR

October 10th - ME Laser Championship - Regatta #4
(Thomaston, ME) For more information

October 23rd - Fat Boys
(Bristol, RI) NOR

Make sure to check the D7 website for local frostbite schedules and notices! Also, fleet captains...please look at the "Fleets" page and make sure that your information is up to date-Thanks!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Peter Shope dominates at the Seitech New England Master's Championship

Peter Shope with the NE Master's Trophy

Thirty-six Master's descended upon Third Beach in Middletown, RI for the 2010 Seitech New England Master's Championship.

Saturday brought SW 15-18 knots and Sunday, NE 12-15. Peter Shope just back from the UK where he competed in the Laser Master World's was in top shape and easily took the win with a 1,1,1,1,(5),1,1 for the New England Master's Trophy.

In the UK Peter was poised to finish in the top 10 going into the last race but pulled an OCS, which was his second OCS in the championship series and thus could not be used as a throw-out. Well, he played it right in this event and the result was perfect.

When asked to comment on the regatta this past weekend Peter said, 'One thing I really enjoy about Laser sailors is that despite the intense competitiveness and our own desires to win we still find time to cheer each other on. Case in point: I have to thank Lindsay Hewitt who before the regatta told me I could do it and between races reminded me not to push the start so much, e.g., the Worlds'

The RC was, as usual, top notch being run by 2008 Olympic PRO Charley Cook, the conditions were superb and the competitors enjoyed plenty of pizza along with some fun give-away prizes.

Final results 

Peter leading the fleet (Photo by Carson Turowski)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stonington YC Fall Laser Series

The Stonington Yacht Club (Stonington, CT.)  started their Fall Laser series on Saturday, September 18th with 15 boats on the line in light and shifty conditions. The racing was very close and fun.

The series will run every Saturday through November 27 with the first gun at 12:30. See the NOR below.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Seitech New England Master's Championship

Masters Sailors,

The NE Masters Championship is nearly upon us. The weather forecast for Saturday looks perfect: SW 20-16 kn, 71°F, sunny.
Sunday's weather is almost perfect: NE 13 kn, 62°F, cloudy, some sprinkles.

Water during racing and pizza after racing are provided both days. Lots of good give-aways await the lucky ones after prize-giving.

Don't miss the last NE Masters event of the season! Bring a friend and spread the word.

The NOR, with directions, is attached.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laser Master Worlds brings 3 Cubes to D7

Bruno Fontes video above (practice session for Laser Worlds) pretty much sums up what the first day of racing and the last day of racing looked like at the Master Worlds on Hayling Island - epic!

The USA overall was well represented at the Masters and D7 sailors were a big part of that equation! Bringing home a cube (the coveted World Championship prize) were:

1st Place in the Standard Master fleet - Scott Ferguson
2nd Place in the Grand Master Radial fleet - Alden Shattuck
2nd Place in the Great Grand Master Radial fleet - Peter Seidenberg

Also impressive finishes:
5th Place in Standard Apprentice fleet - Ben Richardson
16th place in Standard Master fleet - Peter Shope (Peter was top 10 going into the last race but had to count an OCS in the last race)

Conditions were challenging as there was just about everything thrown at the fleet from nuking conditions to super light and shifty.

Scott Ferguson -1st Master Standard

Alden Shattuck - 2nd Grand Master Radial
Peter Seidenberg - 2nd Great Grand Master Radial
Ben Richardson - 5th Apprentice Standard
Peter Shope - 16th Master Standard

Final Story
Standard Results
Radial Results

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sail Salem Founder's Cup - Cancelled

The Sail Salem Founder's Cup scheduled for October 2nd has been cancelled.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Riverside Yacht Club Fall Invitational-update

There was some confusion as to the RYC Fall Invitational and where to register.

The regatta is now called the USS America Regatta and is being hosted this Saturday, September 11th at the Old Greenwich Yacht Club in Old Greenwich, CT.

Register here

Monday, September 6, 2010

Laser Master NE's need volunteers!

via RI :

Sailors and Volunteers Needed

Laser Fleet 413 has put out the call. The Laser Master's New England regatta is September 25 & 26 at Third Beach, Middletown RI.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. This event has always depended on the efforts of Fleet 413 and this year is no exception. WE NEED A FEW SMALL POWER BOATS to serve and crash and mark boats. WE ALSO NEED BODIES for one or two days, to help staff the crash boats, the mark boats, and the race committee boats. 2008 Olympic Head PRO Charley Cook will be running the show. So in addition to doing a good deed for Fleet 413, you’ll get a chance to witness one of the most experienced PROs in the world doing his job. This certainly won’t hurt when it comes time to do your Fleet 413 race committee. We need people who are comfortable running a small boat, but there are plenty of spots for people will less regatta experience (friends, significant others, etc.) Lunch will be provided as will pizza at the end of racing. Gas expenses will be reimbursed for anyone who loans the regatta a crash boat.

Laser Master Worlds 2010

If you want to follow the D7 gang heading to Laser Master Worlds...check out my (Kim Ferguson) blog:

I will report in on the event and the few D7 sailors competing!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Regatta Schedule

The Riverside Fall Invitational (September 11th)
Riverside, CT
for more information

ME Laser Championship-regatta #3 (September 11th)
Manchester, ME

American Yacht Club (September 11th)
Newburyport, MA

Multi Class Regatta (September 11-12)
Sharon, MA
for more information

Bass River Yacht Club Laser Regatta (September 18th)
South Yarmouth, MA

Ponce de Leon Regatta (September 19th)
Marblehead, MA
for more information

New England Masters (September 25-26)
Middletown, RI

Monday, August 30, 2010

Scott Ferguson wins Master's Atlantic Coast

The Wianno Yacht Club was host to the 2010 Master's Atlantic Coast Championship. Over two days 6 races were completed in mostly light and super shifty conditions. There were 30+ competitors including new Apprentice Master and former World and Olympic Laser sailor, Mark Mendelblatt.

Scott Ferguson, the master of getting a perfect line sight seemed to be off his game from the get go racking up three OCS's in the first three races and closing with a 4th OCS on the second day.  It was pretty stunning and somewhat humbling to watch him start 20+ boat lengths behind everyone and by leg two he would be right back in it, snaking his way through the pack. When asked how he does it he replied, 'Just connect the dots - sail to the puffs.' He also works hard on his boat handling as every tack and gybe is an opportunity to gain... surely, his incessant positive attitude doesn't hurt!

The top 3:
1. Scott Ferguson
2. Tim Landt
3. Mark Mendelblatt

Although Mark Mendelblatt won on raw score he had to give up points each race for being younger and in the tiebreaker between he and Tim Landt he had to give the win to the older Landt...Mark learned quickly that there are benefits to being the older guy in the Master's division!

Despite the light conditions, it was a gorgeous place to sail and the club provided plenty of food and wonderful prizes from Magic Marine.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Dave Powlison Wins 2010 Vermont Open

Congratulations to Dave Powlison for his win at the 2010 Vermont Open! With three bullets and one throw-out, Dave was able to stay 2 points ahead of 2nd place finisher, Gary Orkney and 8 points ahead of 3rd place finisher Christine Neville.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Wrapping up August.....

Upcoming regattas:

August 28th 
Riverside Yacht Club Laser Regatta 
(Riverside, CT)
More information

August 28th
American Yacht Club Laser Regatta
District 8 (Rye, NY)
Registration Form

August 29th
Maine Laser Championship
regatta #2 (Portland, ME)

August 28th & 29th
Master's Atlantic Coast Championship
Wianno Yacht Club (Osterville, MA)
Registration, Sailing instructions & NOR

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Vermont Open is this weekend - August 14-15th

The Malletts Bay Boat Club will be hosting the Vermont Open this weekend.

$30.00 entry fee includes all snacks and dinner on Saturday. Full-time student rate is $20.00 and extra meal tickets are $10.00 (spectator boats available.) Please pre-register if possible so that we may get a dinner count!

Come spend the weekend racing Lasers on beautiful Lake Champlain!


Monday, August 9, 2010

12 Miles of downwind practice...

Leaving the breakwater at Pt. Judith

Last week on a beautiful day in RI with a smokey SW breeze cranking in, Scott Ferguson and Peter Shope decided to do a downwind practice session. The two met in Jamestown where they loaded up their boats and drove with Kim (Scott's tireless Sherpa) to a random beach in Pt. Judith. There they unloaded their boats and carried them one-by-one over some boulders in order to reach the beach where they would launch from. The beach goers were entertained for sure...

View from the seawall lined with curious fisherman
Three hours later... the two arrived with big smiles at a beach in Jamestown where their dollies and equipment were awaiting....thanks to Sherpa-Kim.

Ryan Schmitz & Scott Ferguson are the 2010 District 7 Champions

Scott Ferguson & Ryan Schmitz

The 2010 Buzzards Bay Regatta (also the D7 Championship) did not disappoint, despite the light air forecasts and shark warnings.

Day one started off slow with the first race completed in a shifty NW breeze which eventually died leaving the sailors waiting around for most of the day but then... Buzzards Bay conditions finally showed up at around 3pm with a solid SW breeze. The breeze came in halfway through the Standard fleet race # 2 forcing the RC to make a 45-degree course change at the leeward mark. The Radial fleet had an especially long day, as their second race didn't get started until after 4pm.

Day 2 started with a one- hour postponement onshore but then the classic BBR conditions came through as expected- big waves and a strong Southerly breeze of 15 knots with gusts to 18K. Both fleets were able to get 4 races in.

Day 3 started on time with 14 knots peeking at the end of the day at 18 with gusts to 20. Both fleets were able to complete 3 races before the cut-off time of 2pm.

Scott Ferguson of D7 won the Standard fleet (56 boats) with a 2,2,(3),2,1,1,1,1,3  total of 13 points. Erik Bowers of Minnetonka YC and The College of Charleston was nipping at Scott's heels finishing in 2nd and only 4 points behind with 17 points. Peter Shope also of D7 was not far behind in 3rd place with a total of 33 points.

Ryan Schmitz of Port Washington, NY (LISOT) was clearly the dominant one in the 65-boat Radial fleet with a (18), 3, 1, 1,1,1,1,1,1 for a total of 10 points. His performance earned this seventeen-year old from NY The Buzzards Bay Trophy, which is given to the top finisher in the biggest/most competitive fleet.

Final results

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hank Thorburn wins regatta #1 for 2010 Maine Championship

From Mike Gaffney:

A few newcomers joined the Thomaston and Cobbosseecontee regulars for the first Striper Cup regatta on Robinhood Cove in Georgetown. Hank Thorburn moved from Mass. to his family farm in Harpswell last year and looks forward to doing the rest of the Championship of Maine series as well as frostbiting in Tommytown. Gary Orkney drove up from Stonington CT for this regatta and some biking in Acadia. Roger Howell (Brunswick) brought along his buddy the FedEx guy Mark Stafiej (Phippsburg), and Alex Cogburn (Bath and Castine) tried his hand at Lasering for the first time.

7 Races were held in light and shifty SSE winds just north of Birch Island on Robinhood Cove. With one throw‐out the results follow:

1 Hank Thorburn Harpswell 5 ‐3‐1‐1‐1‐3‐1 10
2 Gary Orkney Stonington CT 2‐4‐3‐2‐5‐2‐2 15
3 Syd Sewall Hallowell 8‐5‐2‐3‐3‐1‐3 17
4 Fred Boursier Warren 1‐1‐4‐6‐2‐6‐4 18
5 Tom Jamieson Belfast 3‐2‐6‐4‐7‐4‐8 26
6 Mark Gaffney Thomaston 6‐9‐8‐7‐4‐5‐5 35
7 Roger Howell Brunswick 7‐7‐5‐5‐6‐7‐11 37
8 Philippe Guillerm Rockland 4‐6‐7‐8‐9‐9‐7 41
9 Chris Biggart Thomaston 9‐8‐9‐9‐11‐8‐6 49
10 Scott Bennington Litchfield 10‐11‐10‐11‐10‐11‐10 62
11 Mark Stafiej Phippsburg 11‐10‐12‐12‐12‐10‐9 64
12 Alex Cogburn Bath 12‐12‐11‐10‐8‐12‐12 65

Much thanks to Noon Weiss for catering, and Tyson Weiss of Fish in the Garden for the cool trophies.

Mike Gaffney

Monday, August 2, 2010

Peter Follansbee & Sara Helbling are overall winners at 2010 Hyannis Regatta

New Hampshire sailors take the lead at 2010 Hyannis Regatta!

The Standard fleet hosted 33 competitors with 9 races on the board and the Radial fleet, 41 competitors and 10 races. Neither fleet had a throw-out.

Peter Follansbee of New Castle, NH is back on top! Peter pulled out 3 bullets and 1st place overall for the regatta, 5 points ahead of the 2nd place Peter Seidenberg. In the Radial fleet, Sarah Helbling of Nashua, NH sailing for the Quannapowitt YC in Wakefield, MA, topped an impressive fleet of 41 competitors to take the overall win, 6 points ahead of 2nd place finisher Jeremy Herrin. 


A side note...both Peter and Sarah have sailed in the same fleet before and out of 20 boats they were 1st and 2nd respectively...see the May Madness results

Christine Neville finishes 4th at US Women's Singlehanded Championships

Christine after winning Area A's

Christine takes the pin end. (Photo: Julie B. Connerley)


Christine Neville of Richmond, VT and the Malletts Bay Boat Club represented District 7 at the first US Women's Singlehanded Championships. Christine won the Area A's in New Bedford, MA on June 19-20 earning her the spot as the Area A representative.  The US Singlehanded Championships (O'Day Trophy) was held at the Pensacola Yacht Club in Pensacola, FL. (July 29-August 1)

The Men's and Women's championships hosted 12 competitors in each class. After 7 races Christine pulled away with a 4th place overall. Nice job!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This weekend: Regatta #1 for the Maine Laser Championship (July 31st) & Hyannis Regatta (July 30-August 1)

There is a lot going on this coming weekend for D7 sailors... Saturday will be the first of four scheduled regattas to be counted towards the Maine Laser Championship. The best 3 regattas will be counted to determine the winners.

More information

Also this weekend is the 3 day Hyannis Regatta (July 30-August 1)


Monday, July 26, 2010

Big turnout for the Stone Horse Regatta!

The Stone Horse Regatta had a big showing in the standard fleet with 48 entries and the radial fleet with 6. Apparently the day started out foggy with light air but opened up to clear skies and breezy conditions.

Colin Smith of Stone Horse YC and Brown University clearly dominated the Standard fleet winning all four races! In the radial fleet the Longerstaey sisters dominated with Oriane Longerstaey taking first and Anoush Longerstaey following close behind in 2nd.

I spoke to one competitor who said the racing was "great," the race committee was "awesome" and the barbecue after racing, "perfect."

Standard results

Radial results

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Matt Russell of Tufts University wins Lake Massapoag Regatta

Judith and her dog Vera

Report from Judith Krimski:

It was a hot and breezy day that brought 13 sailors out for the Lake Massapoag Regatta in Sharon, MA. For those who aren't familiar with the lake, it is approximately 1 mile long and 1/2 mile wide. Saturday's wind was fluky to say the least-giving us typical lake sailing- varying from 5 to 15 with occasional 50 degree shifts. Every race was a huge tactical battle and those that sailed fastest and played the shifts most successfully won the day.

The morning featured predominant shifts coming from course right. At times the left looked promising but as you sailed up the last 1/3 of the course the right took over. With short  courses and lots of boat-on-boat action it was a challenge to stay with an overall strategy. After four races the fleet took a short break and was treated to delicious snacks offered by the ever-attentive race organizers. I have to say that Oreos are a fantastic mid-regatta pick-me-up.

Back out on the water at 1:30 we sailed 3 more high intensity races in winds that shifted mostly course left and increased in velocity to 12-15. The RC did a great job of setting an exciting triangle course that took good advantage of solid pressure coming in from the left creating some excellent planing conditions. As per the morning playing the numerous shifts upwind was critical to overall success.

Positions changed hands numerous times during each race but Lake Massapoag regulars came away with top prizes for the day. Tufts sophomore Matt Russell, whose consistent skills showed throughout the day, took top prize, followed closely by Gary Werden from Sharon, MA, and in third position, Tim Entwhistle, a high school student from Mystic Ct. It was a true battle among the top 3 who, at the end of the day, were separated by only three points.

Many thanks to MYC race organizers for keeping it cheap (30 bucks), simple, and really fun. Other regatta committees should take a page from these guys - they managed to give us a great day with lots of races, no protests and good food. In my book, that makes for an excellent time.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Seidenberg wins 2010 German Radial Masters

Report from Peter Seidenberg:

I can report with pleasure and pride that I won the the 3-day German Radial Masters championship, held this last weekend on Lake Tollense, with the city of Neubrandenburg on its north shore, 2 hours north of Berlin. The lake is 7.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. The wind was mostly light, never exceeding 10 mph. As is typical, we never really experienced the best winds, meaning up the lake from the SW. Except for race 1 on Friday, the rest of the 6 races were sailed in NW winds, coming across the lake, shifty and gusty. Mostly due to dying winds, we had 1 race on Friday, 2 on Saturday, and 3 on Sunday, all on trapezoidal courses, with the Standards on the outer and the Radials on the inner loop. I was not only the 1st GGM, but also the 1st overall in the 36-boat Radial fleet. The results of both fleets are attached. Unfortunately, the age divisions are not indicated.

Fran and I are off touring the Baltic coast now for a week, then to Berlin for a family reunion next weekend before flying back to Boston the following Monday.

Radial Results

Standard Results

Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Stone Horse Laser Regatta ( July 24th)

Register online for the Stone Horse 2010 Laser Regatta on July 24!

Come sail at one of the most gorgeous places to sail...strong SW winds combined with shallow waters and lots of protecting surrounding islands make it a perfect playground for small boat sailors! 

Stone Horse YC just hosted a fleet of 120 Optimists with big breeze and big swell and now they are excited for the upcoming Laser regatta. Registrations are just now flowing sign up!

Please fill in the registration form completely. Online registration ($40.00) will be open through July 22. Registrations will be accepted for $45 on race day from 9:30-10:30am at the club. Skippers' Meeting 10:30 am. Racing begins 11:30. 

Registration fee of $40.00 includes - regatta, t-shirt, snacks, and post-race barbecue.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lipton Cup Report from Judy Krimski

 Future Olympian takes to the water on Quincy Bay
 Gary Werden from Sharon, MA. takes the lead on day two

Regatta report written by Judy Krimski 
Photos by Leighton O'Connor

After a week of more than extreme heat, Saturday morning dawned steamy with temps in the 80’s. I was excited though to get going down to the   beach and rig up for the Lipton Cup, a multi-generational regatta hosted by the Squantum Yacht Club here in Quincy, MA. As I pulled my laser down to the beach (4 blocks away) I thought about what a fantastic venue Quincy bay is for a dinghy regatta. Hopefully this weekend wouldn’t disappoint. The lasers accompanied by club 420s and radials headed out to the Charlie course at 10:00. Fortunately SYC takes a civilized approach to sailboat racing; the course isn’t more than a 5 minute sail from the club and courses are short so you can actually see the windward mark. The RC did a fantastic job of adjusting the course for the wind shifts and was able to get off 5 races before a severe squall came through at about 2:30. For most of the day winds were southwest, 8-10 knots, oscillating approximately 40 degrees most of the day. This made for some very exciting tactical races. The course used was a box course; windward mark with a reaching mark, downwind to a gybe mark, another reaching mark, and upwind to a separate finish. Leads changed hands numerous times and it was pretty much anyone’s race on the last leg. If you misread the shifts, you were toast. Several times the lasers, which started second, overtook the 420 fleet, which made for some interesting tactical maneuvers. We finished the day, beers in hand, and happy to be know that we had one more day of sailing on the bay. On Sunday, we set sail for the Charlie line in brilliant sunshine and a light sea breeze hoping that the wind gods would smile on us. We sailed the box course in two light wind races in about 5 knots. Again the breeze was shifting but finally settled down into a true 10-12knot sea breeze. Since Quincy Bay is so shallow and the northeast fetch is so long it accentuates the swell giving us great downwind sailing. We got off another four races before calling it a day. It was all great fun with good friends and better competition. I am already looking forward to next year. I have to say the sailing this weekend was super fun but interacting with the kids made the whole experience really rewarding. There’s something really cool about seeing kids out on lasers, the new rig configurations help this a lot and it’s awesome. And Congratulations to Gary Werden and Erik Aker, Both from Sharon, MA, for finishing first and second respectively. See you guys down at Massapoag next Saturday for the MYC laser regatta. Can't wait for a rematch!

Many thanks to Leighton O'Connor, nautical photographer, for his great photos! To see more, go to 


2010 MYC 3rd Annual Laser & Sunfish Regatta (July 17th)

Don't miss the fun Laser & Sunfish regatta this Saturday in Sharon, MA.
Entry fee is $35.00 with a discount to juniors/students. Included is breakfast and a barbecue!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Scott Ferguson & Norbert Mongeon are winners at 2010 Newport Coastal Living Regatta

Sail Newport hosted a great event this weekend with 31 Lasers in the Standard fleet and 14 in the Radial fleet. The racing on Saturday was light and shifty with current a big factor. The RC did a great job getting in 5 races on Saturday with hopes of more on Sunday but, unfortunately, the light morning northerly slowly faded all day with a light sea breeze finally filling after the time limit so for many of us, hopes for a throwout race were gone.

Scott Ferguson (Jamestown, RI) won four out of the five races with his worst race being a 6th place. Finishing in 2nd was Peter Follansbee (New Castle, New Hampshire) and in 3rd, youth sailor Bill Kelly (Darien, CT).

The Radial fleet was very diverse in age group ranging from Great Grandmaster down to youth but age didn't seem to be an issue. The overall winner was, youth sailor, Norbert Mongeon (Smithfield, RI) and only 5 points behind him in 2nd was, Great Grandmaster, Peter Seidenberg (Middletown, RI) finishing in 3rd was Sara Helbling (Nashua, NH).

The event, despite lack of wind on Sunday, was great fun with a party on Saturday, t-shirts and a great give away in each participants bag-a Tempur-pedic neck roll pillow. For me, that alone was worth the entry fee!

Standard Results
Radial Results

Thursday, July 8, 2010

D7 Championships schedules for Radial, Standard & 4.7

August 6-8, Buzzard's Bay Regatta  will be the District 7 Championship for Laser Radial and Laser Standard.
2010 BBR

August 10th, Conanicut Yacht Club will be hosting the District 7 Championship for Laser 4.7 (NOR coming soon)

Each event is a 20 point Grand Prix event which means that the top 20 sailors who are current class members will receive points on a scale of 20 down to 1.

The various qualifications for World Championships is outlined in the link below:
2011 World Qualification System

FAST Women dominate at Saltonstall Trophy

The Saltonstall Trophy, also known as the Junior Women's Singlehanded Championship of SM Sailing, was held at the Chatham YC on June 7th in Laser Radials. Three young women from team FAST took the top spots with winner Oriane Longerstaey followed by sister, Anoush Longerstaey and Quinn Howes.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Lipton Cup Regatta (July 10-11th) Also the D7 Women's Radial Championship!

Squantum YC is hosting the 24th Annual Lipton Cup Regatta this weekend! For more information  visit the Lipton Cup website.
The Lipton Cup
Notice of Race
Directions to the YC on Quincy Bay

Top marine photographer, Leighton O'Connor, will be documenting the can also follow the event on Facebook

Friday, July 2, 2010

SMSA Saltonstall Trophy (July 7th)

Radial Junior Women Only!
Chatham Yacht Club


Coastal Living Newport Regatta (July 10-11)

Sign up now for the Coastal Living Newport Regatta! Join over twenty classes of boats for two days of what Sail Newport is famous for - great racing and great parties!

The 2010 Coastal Living Newport Regatta will not disappoint! Great Laser sailing, steady breeze, sunny skies and summer weather... all reasons why the Coastal Living Newport Regatta is a "must do" on the New England Laser circut.

Bring the entire family for a visit to this incredible destination. Families will enjoy the many restaurants, pubs, shops, mansions, beaches, parks and the beautiful harbor.

Register here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Canadian Masters (July 23-25th)

Please consider coming to one of the best regattas on this year’s calendar. The Canadian Masters Championships will take place on Sturgeon Lake, which is just north of Toronto, Ont. July 23-25th.

There are over 40 registered so far, including some of Canada’s best: Terry Neilson, Andy Roy and Ray Davies. Out of towners include Sally Sharp, Susie Pegel and Garry Orkley. (see who’s coming here:

The racing is taking place in beautiful cottage country Ontario. And will be hosted by one of the most generous clubs in Canada. The cost is $150CDN and includes all food, accommodation and racing for three days. If you are interested in coming but need more information, please email

Here’s url for Canadian Masters Champs NOR, and online registration:

Rob Koci
D3, NA Laser Class

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brian Fisher and Eliza Richartz win at the Laser Performance World Open 2010

Laser Performance hosted the inaugural Laser Performance World Open at Sail Newport in RI. The event was great just lacking in show from the many local Laser sailors but that was their loss as it was a lot of fun with great racing, lots of food, beer and gorgeous trophies!

The two days provided varying conditions having anywhere from 5-15 knots with the full moon current as a constant factor. The RC ran a frostbite style regatta with 3-minute starts and short windward leeward courses.

Brian Fisher of Newport was the overall winner in the Standard fleet (12 boats). After finishing day one with 17 points and in 2nd place he came in on day two with a 4,1,1,1 finishing off the event with a total of 22 points to earn him the win. Eliza Richartz was clearly the dominant one in the Radial class (9 boats) with nine 1st place finishes!

As far as the "World" portion of the regatta, the UK trounced us in Laser turnout. The overall results will be posted shortly. Next year, lets put up the numbers and give the UK a competition!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Laser Performance World Open (June 26-27) at Sail Newport

Sign up now for what looks to be a very fun event! The entries are just now coming in and a current entry list will be posted soon.

There will be a racing circle consisting of Lasers, Laser Radials and Sunfish.  There is a mathematical matrix based on the size of your fleet and how you do in your fleet to determine a World Open Winner; so in essence, first place could be a Laser from the US, second could be a SB3 from UK and 3rd could be a Sunfish from the US, or something like that.

There will be a "Fun Circle" with Bugs and Picos for the young kids where people have the option of sailing just Saturday, just Sunday, or both.  The racing for the fun circle will not be the traditional round the buoys racing, but have more of a fun aspect to it where there will be 3 or 4 events per day that the little kids can get scored on.

Laser Performance is planning a big dinner party at Sail Newport on the Saturday night of the regatta complete with DJ and dancing and a cookout for the Sunday Awards.  The plan is for a family style event along with great competitive racing for the Lasers and Sunfish.  There will be great racing on the water as well as off the water activities for family members in Historic Newport.

Register Here